New Variety of Fifth Year Souvenir Sheet Noted


In the article of December 28, 2018, on the KSS website discussing the 1936 Korean Christmas and New Year seal, there was also information given about “The Fifth Year Souvenir Sheet”. These souvenir sheets were used by Dr. Hall’s Christmas seal committee to promote the sale of the seals. It was noted that there were two known varieties, the normal variety which shows Dr. Sherwood Hall’s name on the reverse side of the souvenir sheet, and a much rarer variety with omitted Dr. Hall’s name.

Recently, a serious collector located in Korea of Dr. Hall’s Korean Christmas seals and related material has been selling parts of his collection on eBay. The author was able to obtain a new variety (at least, as known to this author) of the souvenir sheet. On this sheet, the red period is missing after the sentence “Complimentary Souvenir Pane”.

1936 Christmas card with red dot missing after “COMPLIMENTARY SOUVENIR PANE”.

For the collectors of the Korean Christmas seals, please check any of your 1936 souvenir sheets to see if you have this variety and let the KSS know if you have this variety.


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