Use that paper! Sheet variations of the DPRK

North Korea

It all started with curiosity. I knew that I had a lot of stamps but didn’t really knew them. Like a normal person, the first thing that came across my mind was is it worth any money? With the help of Mr. Chen Yi Fu and Ivo Spanjersberg, I began to understand the value and rarity of the stamps in my possession. Last year I’d sent scans of my stamps to both. Mr. Spanjersberg recommended that I keep good record of the stamps because it might be useful in future. Not knowing what I am doing, I took sheet measurement and configuration.

The data I’ve collected was then shared with both. Mr. Chen said that it is very difficult to study North Korea stamps systematically because there isn’t much documents due to lack of record keeping in early years in North Korea. He also said that the data was very useful in finding many new North Korea domestically issued stamps not listed in Scott or the Korea Stamp Catalogue.

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Using available supplies:

A689 “Rural Technical Development” Sheet (1969).

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