The August 1955 Chongjin Booklet

North Korea

The booklet was issued by the Ministry of Communications for the North Hamgyong Post Office, as part of the country-wide 10th anniversary of the Liberation commemoration, in August 1955. A set of commemorative stamps (all the stamps are perf 11), a postal stationery envelope and an extensive set of commemorative photographic postcards were produced for national use.

Piotr Zaremba, who was based in Chongjin with the Polish Town Planning Group at the time, provided the first, brief, record of these ‘scarce’ booklets in his articles published in the Polish stamp magazine ‘Filatelista’ in 1957.

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Anthony Bard
I collect North and South Korean Postal History from 1945, focusing on the Korean War and the countries involved in the conflict and post-Armistice commissions. I live in London.

2 thoughts on “The August 1955 Chongjin Booklet

  1. Some DPRK specialists say: “it seems there was no standardized contents of panes”, but according to my personal collection, it seems they did have a standardized content. The 240 and 480 won booklets contain 3 panes, KSC# 66, 71 & 68. one pane is 6 stamps. And the third type of booklet contain 9 panes, 66/71/68/62/56/57/26/24/25, the booklet sold on ebay and mine are both with this sequence.
    I’d like to know if any other has ever seen the booklet with KSC# 61 or 70 existed.

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