A homemade Korean stamp album

Stamp albums

As my Korean stamp collection grew, using commercially available quadrille blank sheets (Elbe, I think) and Showgard mounts, I arranged my mint stamps chronologically, but in simple rows and columns. Cancelled stamps, as there were many missing issues in my collection, were placed in a pre-printed album (probably from D.G. Phillips) using stamp hinges.

In the 1970s I decided to create a more visually pleasing album for displaying my mint Korean stamps. The plan was to work first with the definitive stamps as they were mostly in a uniform small format; then later to tackle the more numerous and multi-format commemorative stamps. The latter never happened.

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5 thoughts on “A homemade Korean stamp album

  1. Is it possible to get a Korean Stamp album (no stamps). Back in 1982 I sold my album with stamps because we needed the money. I was in the Army and pay was not that good. I now have started to re collect what I have lost but would like an album. Evidently the one I had is not available anymore. I went to the Korea Communication website but all in Korean. I have also forgot my Korean.

  2. Hello Larry, there are many different companies that make albums just for Korea, some with images in black and white, and some with color. You can also get the “hingeless” ones that already have the mounts which are a lot easier to use. My favorite album company is one in the USA called Palo. The produce high quality albums for most countries with sleeves. But there are also many other good ones from other companies. Bob

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