A small study of a small booklet


On April 20, 1974 the South Korean Ministry of Communication released the third booklet of stamps in a smaller size than the two previous booklets (82x55mm). This was the first and only stapled panes booklet as the two others had the stamp panes stitched to the cover. This was also the last of the 30 stamp booklets and the last to have glassines between the panes.

Front cover
Back cover

The panes were of the 10 Won issue of the Manchurian Cranes (October 10, 1973) and were laid out as 3 columns of 2 stamps each and there were 5 panes in each booklet.

The inside front cover and the booklet panes
The booklet pane
Inside of the back cover

2 thoughts on “A small study of a small booklet

  1. Interesting article. I didn’t know about these as I only collect up to 1972. Scott does not list these. It appears the KPSC number is R220b and values them at 10,000 won. It looks like these are cut from regular sheets like the past booklets of this type, so once they are out of the booklet, there is no way to determine if it is a pane from this booklet. Is that correct?

    1. That is correct. The MIC went to a lot of trouble using ONLY the 3 stamps (x2 rows) from the left side of the sheet. There is a small border on the side of the pane stapled onto the booklet and (which is NOT shown) a made to size glassine sheet of interleaving between each of the 3×2 panes.

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