KSC5219-5223: Cactus

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(News from 조선우표사 / Korea Stamp Corporation) On October 13th, Korea Stamp Corporation issued a stamp series on cactuses.

The five stamps issued, in various denominations, include:

  • 10 won stamp: Gymnocalycium buenekeri
  • 20 won stamp: Hidewintera aureispina f. cristata
  • 30 won stamp: Mammillaria centraliplumosa
  • 40 won stamp: Rebutia huasiensis
  • 50 won stamp: A. asterias
Stamps from series KSC5219-5223 (scanned from new issue leaflet).


The stamps are also available on FDC:

FDC Fp5219-5223 (scanned image)

Stamp Booklet

The stamps are also available in a stamp booklet:

Stamp Booklet Bk235 (scanned image)


An entire was also created:

Entire En428 (scanned image)

Technical details

1. Stamps (5 values)
Date of Issue: October 13 Juche 108 (2019)
Stock No. 5219-5223
Size: 44 mm
Denomination: 10 won, 20 won, 30 won, 40 won, 50 won
Designer: Kim Won Myong
Printing: Offset
Sheet Composition: 5 x 3
Quantity: 5/30,000(Perf.), 5/2,000(Imperf.)
2. FDC
Size: 162 x 114 mm
Designer: Kim Won Myong
Quantity: 500
3. Entire
Stock No.: 428
Size: 162 x 114 mm
Denomination: 10 won
Designer: Kim Won Myong
Quantity: 500
4. Stamp booklet
Stock No.: 235
Size: 110 x 70 mm
Designer: Kim Won Myong
Quantity: 250 (Perf.), 100 (Imperf.)
Without Cover: 100 (Perf.), 50 (Imperf.)

Stamp leaflet

The new issue stamp leaflet for this issue was also released:

New issue leaflet (front) for series KSC5219-5223 (scanned).
New issue leaflet (reverse) for series KSC5219-5223 (scanned).

All images in page copyright: 조선우표사 / Korea Stamp Corporation.

Stamp release news is strictly for philatelic purposes only.

Digital images?
Since a few months the Korea Stamp Corporation stopped listing all its stamp releases on the KSC website. This means that only a few issues/series are available in a digital format. To be able to create a more complete listing we have therefore decided to scan the printed versions of new issue leaflets and use the information contained in those leaflets for the website. These scanned images are however necessarily of a lower quality than if we had access to digital imagery.
I collect DPRK First Day Covers, subject to thematic interests. I am Client No. 39 at Korea Stamp Corporation.

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