The 2019 Christmas seals have been released!

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The new Christmas seals for Christmas 2019 have been released by the Korea National Tuberculosis Association. The stamps feature Jeju island and the famous local diving women, the “haenyeo”. The sheet is for sale online through the KNTA website and costs 3.000 won (approx. 2,50 dollars / 2,30 EUR).

The 2019 complete sheet of Christmas seals.

The KNTA released the seals in a sheet which also comes with a (Korean language) text about the island and the female divers. Part of this text is (translated): “Jeju Island is the largest island among Korean islands and is a world famous ‘volcano island’. Jeju Island is recognized as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage, Biosphere Reserve, World Geopark, and Human Intangible Cultural Heritage. (…) We want to re-examine the beauty of Jeju Island in the form of Haenyeo in Jeju Island, and at the same time, reflect the precious cultural heritage that we must protect.

The KNTA also release these images for the campaign. Notice the amount of money raised last year by the seals: 2.965.553.939 won, which is approx. 2.27 million EUR or 2.5 million US dollar. Given that these sheets cost only 3.000 won that’s a lot of volunteer work!

Just like last year the KNTA also sells other products related to the seals:

Talking about Korean islands being shown on Korean Christmas seals: Jeju isn’t the first island to feature on these seals, that honour already went to Dokdo in 2006.

The designer of the 2019 seals checking the print work. Notice how the seal sheets are part of a much larger (print) sheet.

Also, have a look at the KNTA Instagram account:

The Korea Stamp Society urges you to buy these sheets. They have been fulfilling a very serious need in Korea since the 1930s! Although today the KNTA also has other sources of income, they still are very important for raising awareness about tuberculosis, a very serious and deadly decease!


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  1. I sent an e-mail to them last week asking how people outside of Korea could order these. As of today, they still have not replied. So, I believe they are not offering these to people who live outside of Korea. If anyone knows another way to contact them, please let me know.

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