Modern DPRK rarities (3): Pyongyang folk park (2013)

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The DPRK issued a souvenir sheet of Pyongyang folk park in 2013. This souvenir sheet depicts a view of this theme park and its face-value is 60 (30+30) won. However, the park was closed in 2016 and this souvenir sheet was withdrawn, 3 years after issuance. This is probably one of the most well-known modern DPRK rarities.

Pyongyang folk park was a comprehensive showcase of the 5000 years old Korean history and culture. Construction work began in 2008 and the park was inaugurated on September 11, 2012. From 2012-2016, this park was one of the most important leisure spots in Pyongyang.

The park was shut down and demolished in June 2016 because of political reasons; any readers who are interested in the background of the demolition can easily find details on the internet. Any available records about the existence of this park in Pyongyang, including pamphlet or news report were either withdrawn or deleted and stamp was no exception. Theoretically, these withdrawn documents or records were also demolished.

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This raises a question: how many first edition of 2013 yearbooks were originally issued? If yearbooks can be reprinted 3 years after issuance, can stamps be reprinted as well? Can we trust the quantities published by the Korea Stamp Corporation? Or is this just a special case because this park (and its meaning of political conflict behind it) is so sensitive that even overprinting in black simply wouldn’t be enough?


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  1. 1.All KSC4886 (perforated, imperforated, FDC) were actually demolished.
    2.But one of the Pyongyang Folk Park POST CARD can be order from KSC in Pyongyang.

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