Cut outs or die proofs or…? What are these items?


The items shown here are “cut outs” according to Spink Auction. In their Spink China auction of May 2017 these five items were listed by Spink as “1884 First issue, set of five, colour die proof in white thick paper, toned spots.” They were sold for HK$20.000 (approx. 2300 EUR or 2550 USD).

However, when these items showed up there was some discussion amongst KSS members. So, what do you think? Real or not? And what would “real” mean in this case?

Image from Spink Auction website.
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8 thoughts on “Cut outs or die proofs or…? What are these items?

  1. I believe Florian may have commented on these before. Dr. Kerr, in his Empire book on page 2 says that these some “proofs” were cut out of presentation books and sold as the so called “proofs”, but I don’t know if that applies to these particular stamps, but I strongly suspect that is true.

    1. The newly reissued “Handbook of Philatelic Forgeries, Korean Empire” by Brady, Tyler” states , pg.3 “imperforate singles are known which originate from the 1905 and 1914 official books issued by the Japanese Governor General of Korea” The items described here fit the bill, they are not ‘proofs or essays’
      The Handbook augmented form is available at $14.95 + postage from Dave Phillips

  2. Update: owner could not sell them at Spink, so he placed them at John Bull auctions Hong Kong, using unchanged description. On information of the real character of these allaeged “proofs”, JB auctioneers redraw them from sale at once.

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