Cash-insurance envelopes used in Korea (some backgrounds)

Old Korea

The insured (declared value) system was introduced in Japan in 1900 for cash/bonds/securities. With the issuance of the special envelopes in 1901, the usage of ordinary envelopes for these valuables became forbidden. In 1910, non-official envelopes became readmitted for items larger than the official envelopes, like jewels, art etc. provided they were in previously unused condition. Cash enclosure remained restricted to official envelopes throughout. These official envelopes came in two sizes, small and large. The latter ones were discontinued after August 31, 1918.

These envelopes were introduced in Japan (+IJPO, colonies, leaseholds) by December 1, 1901 and are used until today. The style was with cross-shaped blue imprint on front to 1937, after 1937 various styles. There was/is a nominal paper cost selling fee usually imprinted in a corner. The envelopes invariably came with a minimum of 4 violet (pre-WWII style) paper seals to be pasted over the corners and tied by the personal seal of the sender (or the company/authority seal).

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Florian Eichhorn
Collects Japan, Korea Kingdom/Empire (covers/postmarks only) and ROK (covers only), China postmarks to 1949 and Dutch East Indies covers/postmarks as sideline.

2 thoughts on “Cash-insurance envelopes used in Korea (some backgrounds)

  1. Hi Florian, very interesting information about a subject I know nothing about. You mentioned that South Korea used these insurance or cash registration envelopes after the liberation until today. Do the Koreans use any particular stamps on these envelopes or are they stampless? I did a quick search on the internet and cannot find any of these South Korean envelopes so I am a bit confused on how they are used by the South Korean. Thanks, Robert

  2. Hello Robert,
    have seen mint and actually used SK cash registration envelopes from the 1960s/80s. The imprints are in hangul syllabics. Normal postage stamps (defs, comms) seen used, but also meters (labels or directly printed-on) from large companies. – I dont collect SK inland mail usages, so do not have a original or scan at hand. Have some mint copies ?1980s? somewhere, when I locate, will upload a scan. But guess Ivo easily finds usages from korean blogs.

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