Korean forgeries (I): 5 Mon issued in 1884

Old Korea

With the assistance of KSS members and referring to the “Brady-Tyler Handbook of Philatelic Forgeries Korean Empire 1962”, I will post, on a regular basis, examples of Korean Empire genuine stamps and forgeries of those stamps, along with images of the key elements for easy comparison.

The first stamp is the 5 Mon issued in 1884 – Stanley Gibbons #1; Scott #1; Minkus #1. Where possible I will post up a colour image of a genuine stamp. Other images are from Brady-Tyler and are all in black and white.

Again, where possible, I will post current catalogue values for genuine stamps that support the reason for the forgeries. In this instance, the Used 5 Mon stamp has a Catalogue Value of Euros 8,000 as per Stampworld.

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Barry Abbott
I'm 72 years of age and live with my wife in south-east Victoria I enjoy stamps in general and forgeries in particular

1 thought on “Korean forgeries (I): 5 Mon issued in 1884

  1. This series is very helpful to the Korean collector with so many forgeries put up for sale on sites like eBay and delcampe. With a little experience most of these forgeries are easily to spot, but there a few very good ones.

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