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(News from 우정사업본부 / KoreaPost) On 15 November 2019 KoreaPost issued a new postal card to commemorate the 2019 National Stamp Exhibition (2019 전국우표전시회). This was the first time in several years KoreaPost created a postal card for a stamp exhibition, the last cards for such an occasion having been produced in July 2016.

The card has an imprinted stamp with a value of 350 won:

The “stamp” as shown on the card plus details of this release:

2019 전국우표전시회

발행일2019. 11. 15.
인면디자인오문우표와 최초의 날짜도장
이면디자인우정총국과 문위우표
인쇄 및 색수평판 5도

KoreaPost will issue a special cancellation for the exhibition, one for every day of the exhibition, which is available only at either the exhibition of Seoul central post office:

KoreaPost also issued an FDC cancellation, which is exclusively available at the central post office in Seoul:

To give an idea, here is the reverse of the 2016 card plus several examples of the front from the series of cards issued for the 2016 exhibition:

Images copyright KoreaPost.

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