Original design – Airmail issue of 1952 (1965)


(Translated by Warren Hahn from “Korean Stamps” July 1965) The original design of the airmail issue of 1952 (Scott #C6-8) consisted of a plane flying over the National Capitol Building in Seoul. However, when the Korean War necessitated the evacuation of Seoul, and the transfer of the seat of government to Pusan, the design was changed to show a plane flying over a ship at the port of Pusan, and the stamps were printed at Pusan. The original design shown here is illustrated by the courtesy of the artist, Mr. Moon Jo Park.

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  1. The building was Government-General of Chosen in Japanese colonial era, located in central area of Seoul. it was built in the original location of KyungBuk Palace of Chosen dynasty, and was continuously used as the central government office after WWII, later it was changed into the National Central Museum.
    This building used to be the symbol of South Korea, North Korea used its image in the stamp of commemorating Seoul liberation. However, it was also recognized as a humiliating memory of Japanese colonization by South Koreans and was torn down in 1995.

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