Korean forgeries (II): 10 Mon issued in 1884

Old Korea

The second stamp in the series comparing genuine stamps to forgeries is the 10 Mon issued in 1884 – Stanley Gibbons #2; Scott #2; Minkus #2. Again, I am using the Brady-Tyler Handbook and stamp images and references shown on Pages 7 and 8. Colour images are primarily from MikeG, Canada – Stampboards.com. As with the 5 Mon, Stampworld.com catalogue values for the used stamp are also very high – 4,500 euros for 8½ and 10 perforations. For mint at 11 perforations the CV is 800 euros.

The genuine stamp is typographed on unwatermarked paper and perforated 8½ to 11½. The forgery is lithographed and the perforations are quite rough.

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Series on forgeries and fakes
This concludes the second installment in this series on Korean fakes and forgeries. Part 1 can be found here.
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I'm 72 years of age and live with my wife in south-east Victoria I enjoy stamps in general and forgeries in particular

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