Postal card shows early 1960s Korean missionary history

South Korea

On auction websites a lot of 1950s-1980s covers and postal cards show up with recognizable names on them. These items are not just Korean postal history, they show more than just that: they show Korean history. One example is the card shown in this article.

This card, PC17 in the “Korean Postal Card Catalogue 1900-2012“, was listed on Kobay, the Korean version of Ebay. (Although the name promises some kind of connection between Kobay and Ebay, I am not entirely sure how strong this link really is. If anybody knows please leave a comment about this.) It shows a card sent to Haberdasher Aske’s School in London by someone named C.E.J. Smart, a priest living in Suwon at the time. Who was C.E.J. Smart?

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