Philatelic Adultery (1979)

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In the D.C. Chapter Notes for February, 1979 a question was raised about copies of the first Korean stamps used on invoices. I had an opportunity to examine one of these (actually a bill of lading). I concluded that it was a modern concoction for extracting money from collectors. If it can be reproduced, a “Xerox” copy of the document is provided to show what the item looks like.

However, the chopmarks are more clearly illustrated in the Philatelic Handbook for Korea, 1884-1905, edited by Helen K. Zirkle,, pg.26. The same item was used to illustrate an article by Helen in the Feb., 1965 issue of KP pg 6, wherein the astonishing story of the discovery of these items is related. Although Helen provided me the name and address of the source for that item, attempts to acquire one or more were unsuccessful.

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