Korean war 1952 Christmas card of Dutch detachment

Military Mail

The Dutch detachment was operational between between 1950 and 1954. It was operating under the flag of the United Nations and were under command of the United States of America. The soldiers could send there mail postage free via the American Army Post. On Arrival by airmail at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam alle cards and letters got the cachet ‘Portvrij Uitreiken/Exp. Bur. Asd/Schiphol’ (Deliver without postage due/Exp. Office Amsterdam/Schiphol).

The cover sent through the Army Air Force Postal Service by Captain den Daas from the Nederlands Detachement Verenigde Naties / NDVN (English: Netherlands Detachment United Nations).

The pictures shown are such a 1952 envelope including the Christmas card from ‘Korea te Velde’ (Korea in the fields).

The Christmas card inside the envelope. Regiment van Heutsz was a part of the NDVN. The Regiment suffered 116 Dutch and 20 attached-Korean soldiers killed in action, three soldiers are still MIA, while one Dutchman was taken prisoner and died in a North Korean POW camp.

The design of the Christmas card has been made by military police man J. Vet of the first military police man detachment which departed on February, 26, 1952 for Korea.


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