Korean plate numbers and printer’s inscriptions

South Korea

In compiling such a listing as this it cannot be complete because a complete group of sheets was not available. I would be glad to know of any additional information. This may be the first such listing ever compiled and will serve as a guide for the plate number and inscription collector.

With the exception of Cl, the printer’s inscriptions and plate numbers have usually appeared at the bottom of the sheet, either in the center, in the right corner or in the left corner. Plate numbers are usually in the center but under a stamp which is not ‘dead center’. A few issues have a central number and a corner inscription and some have a number and the inscription such as #109-13 and 118. To facilitate checking these the initials LR (lower right), LL (lower left), and C (center) will be used proceeding the stamp or stamps under which the plate number and/or inscription will be found. The word None will indicate neither a number or inscription. Scott’s Catalogue numbers are used.

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Lyman Hale
Lyman L. Hale Jr., M.D. (1921-2019) was a longtime KSS member, also editor of KP. Lived in Korea between 1958 and 1986.

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