Korean Philately Index to Volumes (1951-1972)


During the 1960s and early 1970s several times an index to Korean Philately magazine was published by members of the KSS. The series started in April 1963 when Harry Anderson issued the “Index to Volumes I-X (1951-1961)” as “Supplement #1 to Korean Philately”. After a second version was published by Harry Anderson in February 1976, a third was issued by Hal Klein in May 1973.

Harry Anderson introduced the format of the index in 1963 as follows:

This index is divided into two sections: the Indes by Subject, starting on page #1, and Index by Author, starting page #6. In each section, the first roman numeral reference is to the volume number, the second number refers to the issue, and the final reference is to the page number.

Beginning with volume X consecutive page numbering was used thru each number, prior to volume X each number started with page #1.

What Harry Anderson was referring to was this type of listing of keywords:

Example of listing

Aerogramme, Korea’s First V #2 p17
Airmail Issues I #3 pl I #4 p3 I #5 p1-3
Airmail Postage Rates VII #1 p16
Album, Official I #12 p3
Alphabet, Korean X #2 p40-42
Animal Year X #2 p40-42
APO (Australian) in Korea II #9 p7 IX #3 pll
APO, Korean, Non-Combat IX #3 pll
APO, Numbers in Korea I #8 p6 II #7 p3-5 II #8 p2 II #9 p7-8

Biographical Sketches
Fowler, Talbert B. VI #2 p1-2
Green, Russell VII #3 pll
Hardy, Benson B. V #3 pll
Jones, Robert C. VII #2 p14
Kirby, S.Jack V #4 p14-15
Redlich, Donald J. VI #4 pl
Sandberg, Charlep A. VIII #2 p20
Smith, Dr. Roy K, Smith, Lure McLane VI #1 p17-18
Booklets VII #3 p10
Books Postage Stamps of Korea #2 p3-4 Presentation VI #3 p16 Souvenir VII #1 p12-13 Stamp IX #4 p5-7
By-Laws of KSS VII #1 p17-19

Calender, Japanese Lunar and Gregorian V #2 p11-12
Cancellations, Commemorative IV #4 p6 #4 p4 #4 p5 #4 p12-13 VI #1 p24 VI #2 p9-10 VI #4 p13 VII #2 p9 VII #3 p7-8 VII #4 p14 IX #3 p12 X #3 p69-71
Cancellations, First Day VI #3 pll VII #2 p9 X #3 p67-68
Cancellations, French in Korea III #2 p3-4
Cancellations, Listing VI #2 p15
Cancellations, Military I #9 p8 III #8 p23
Cancellations, Modern I #6 p6
Cancellations, Paquebot I #9 p9 III #2 p4

Next the question was “How were such files made at the time?” Unlike today, when creating an index is as easy as simply letting the computer do the work for you, there were no computers available to search for keywords. Luckily Hal Klein is still a member of the KSS today. He could therefore answer that question:

How was the Index made? Well, in the time BEFORE computers, the Index was made as follows: each article was notated on a Legal Pad, written-out (long hand) – compiled from each issue. Step two was to go back and verify that every item was correct. Then I typed the index (myself), double checked the Index against the source and then submitted it to “YE ED” (The Editor: Jim Kerr) who submitted it to The KSS Publisher, Dave Phillips. The only reactions were several “Thank Yous” expressed by the Board Members; I do not recall anything else. There was no “hate mail” and there were no “thank you” notes from members. I think an Index is expected by members as part of their membership.

I started publishing the KP sometime after 1974. I was planning to do another Index in 1982 however, my wife was hospitalized with cancer and I owned and operated a large retail store with a 5,000 sq ft. selling area and I opened a separate international mail order firm. The KP was too much for me to handle with my other responsibilities so I turned everything over to a fellow in Florida; unfortunately he died in an automobile accident only a few months later.

I did not personally know Harry Anderson, though we corresponded several times. He seemed to be a very nice person. I believe Harry MAY HAVE BEEN one of the original members of the KSS or one of its earliest members.

The individual versions of the Index are available as scanned PDF files for free to KSS members. You can download the individual PDF’s by clicking on the links underneath each image:

KP Index to Volumes I-X (1951-1961)
KP Index to Volumes X-XXI (1961-1972)
KP Index to Volumes XI-XV (1962-1966)

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