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(News from 우정사업본부 / KoreaPost) KoreaPost released the 2020 publication schedule, showing all planned new stamp issues for the whole year. Several anniversaries are on the list and so are both the Korean culture and history related issues as well as Korean independence related stamps.

The publication schedule was issued in Korean on the KoreaPost website. Here is a quick translation (by KSS member Stanley Kim) of the subjects:

No.DateSubject (Korean)Subject (English translation)Stamps/sheets
12020. 2. 26.한국의 옛 건축Old Architectures of Korea4 stamps + sheet
22020. 3. 20.한국의 항공기Airplanes of Korea3 stamps
32020. 4. 17.덕성여자대학교 창학 100주년The Centennial of DukSung Women's University1 stamp
42020. 5. 1.라인프렌즈Line Friends18 stamps + sheet
52020. 6. 30.대한체육회 창립 100주년The Centennial of Korean Sports and Olympic Committee1 stamp
62020. 7. 16.국방과학연구소 창설 50주년50th Anniversary of Agency for Defense Development1 stamp
72020. 8. 7.해양보호생물 (해마)Protected Marine Species (Sea Horse)4 stamps
82020. 9. 4.한복의 멋The Beauty of Hanbok (Korean Traditional Clothing)4 stamps
92020. 9. 28.유관순열사 순국 100주년The Centennial of Death of Patriot Yu Gwansun1 stamp + sheet
102020. 10. 8.유네스코 인류무형문화유산(씨름)UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity
Traditional Korean Wrestling "Ssireum"
2 stamps
112020. 11. 20.우표 취미주간Philatelic Week4 stamps
122020. 12. 1.연하우표Season's Greetings2 stamps + sheet

Please note this listing is not final, last year some details changed later during the year. But it should give a good idea of what to expect for 2020.

KoreaPost also showed this New Year’s greeting on the Kstamp blog. Notice the cute Korean language joke using the Korean word for mouse as part of conjugation of the verb:

And finally also recently published was the monthly “wallpaper”. Here is an example of the January version for “standing” screens:

All relevant text and images in page copyright: 우정사업본부 / KoreaPost

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