1963 cover from important Methodist medical missionary educator

South Korea

This envelope is particularly interesting from a postal history point of view. The writer, Dr. Roberta G. Rice, was writing to Dr. Charles Mayo the head of the renowned Mayo Clinic, and his wife in a personal capacity. Dr. Rice was a member of the (American) Methodist Mission who had been appointed after the Korean War to serve as a medical educational missionary.

Roberta Geraldine Rice was born in 1917 in LeSueur Center, Minnesota, the daughter of a Methodist minister. She graduated from the University of Minnesota Medical School when there were still many barriers to women in medicine. She completed an internship at the University of Illinois and received surgical training at the Mayo Clinic under her mentor Dr. Charles Mayo.

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2 thoughts on “1963 cover from important Methodist medical missionary educator

  1. Wow! This is great to see. Roberta Geraldine Rice, MD, is my Aunt. She passed away April 1, 2014, here in my home. She lived with us the last year of her life. She was a remarkable woman.

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