Reader’s Question: American Banknote Co Package #4137 dated Nov 3 1944


(Reader’s question) Thought this item of collateral material might be of interest – “American Banknote Co Package #4137 dated Nov 3 1944”. It appears to have contained 100 sheets. The note that came with it said “Korea Occupied Nations Stamp”. Can anyone provide additional info?

Scan of the item:

Does anybody have more information? If so please tell us about it by writing a comment.

Thomas Richards
I joined the KSS when I was in my teen age years and when I moved to D.C. to work after college I joined the Washington D.C. KSS chapter. Jim Kerr and Art Korzyn were members.

7 thoughts on “Reader’s Question: American Banknote Co Package #4137 dated Nov 3 1944

  1. Hi Tom,

    You and I are ‘ancient wood’ as it goes as members of the KSS. 🙂 I’m currently working with Keith Litchman on his book series on the U.S. Overrun Countries Issues (U.S. Sc# 909-921) and I am uploading my matching exhibit and parts of my collection onto StampSmarter.Com to support the release of each of Keith’s new books.

    Anyway, due to printing constraints during WWII, “The 1943-1944 Overrun Countries Issues” print contract was contracted out by the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing (B.E.P.) to the American Bank Note Company of New York, N.Y.; it was the first U.S. stamp issues printed outside the B.E.P. since the U.S. Baby Bank Note Issues of 1894.
    What you have is the “facing” cover sheet to a pad of 100 sheets of 50 stamps of the Korea Overrun Countries Issue, as shipped to U.S. Post Offices and collectors who ordered full pads of 100 sheets from the Philatelic Agency in Washington, D.C. It’s a great piece of U.S. postal history.

    The Korea Overrun Countries Issue (US Sc#921) is notable for a major plate flaw (mangled letter “E”) creating a mis-spelling of the country name as “KORPA”, in position 26 of certain panes. The printing is also known for double impressions of KOREA (Sc# 921a); Reverse color printing (Sc# 921b), Double Impression of Red (Sc#921c), and; an unlisted Double Impression of Black!

    For those interested in the series, Keith has recently released Book 7 of the Series, France, so there are six more books to go till he reaches Korea and I open the corresponding pages behind the book. StampSmarter is the old 1847USA site and is an extensive teaching site for US Stamps.

    For anyone wishing to learn more about the issue checkout StampSmarter.Com or

    1. Hi Tom,

      I’m two hours aways up I-95 in PA. My primary interests today are still postal history related.

      I now focus on the US Prexie Issue (Sc# 803-834/839-851) see ;
      with other 1941-44 U.S. Transport Airmail Issue (Sc# C25-31); 3¢ U.S. Bank Note Issue Plate Study; 2¢ U.S. Baby Bank Note Issue Color Study on Cover; and a Lebanon County Pennsylvania Postal History.

      I have some movie-related mail: cover with contents from a B-star to a friend; cover from a Director’s home in the US/to the director at a hotel overseas, etc. Would you like to swap Korea Overrun Countries cover sheet? Contact me at

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