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(Our informal series on Korean album pages continues with this installment from KSS member Chen Yi-Fu.) For ROK and classic Korean stamps I use an album made by the South Korean company Woo-Moon-Kuan, which is also the publisher of the ROK stamp catalogue. For DPRK stamps I use Palo albums, the only company I know which issues stamp albums for stamps from all over the world by Scott catalogue number. I’m thinking of changing my ROK collection into Palo albums too.

The album pages for some of the different areas/collections are:

DPRK (Stamps)

For DPRK stamps, I use album pages from US brand “Palo”.

  • Advantage: the only country album company who issue hingeless pages to encompasses stamps all over the world from classic to modern period.
  • Disadvantage: pages only refer to Scott catalogue numbers and most small “a” stamps or sheets are not included. For example, the 1959 International book and fine arts exhibition S/S is listed as #179a and there is no album page available.

Some examples of Palo DPRK pages, complete with the relevant stamps, are shown below. Note these images were created from scans, which is why one side of every page is slightly missing. Also, these pages were not necessarily chosen for the rarity of the stamps on them, but to show how the pages cater for the many different shapes and sizes of DPRK stamps.

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