The story behind the 2010 dinosaur overprint issue

North Korea

For the International Youth Stamps Collectors’ Exhibition Europhila 2010 on October 2-3, 2010 in Stockholm, the KSC agreed to issue a special overprinted exhibition sheetlet as well as one overprinted postcard and one overprinted entire. Organizer of the Europhila Expo was the Swedish Stamp Youth, the Stockholm district, SFU. 25 children and youth from Belgium, Finland, Luxemburg, Slovenia and Sweden participated with exhibit sheets. Europhila was held again in Stockholm 2017 and before and after that, 2012 and 2019 in Škofja Loka in Slovenia.

KSC has a long tradition of issuing exhibition stamps, often with overprints, and also with the aim to support the youth collecting of stamps. The negotiation between SFU and KSC, from idea, via several drafts and final designs, took 2 months only!

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Per-Olof Jönsson
I am member of KSS and collector of North Korean stamps since very long. I happen to be Client No. 2 at KSC, importing and selling DPRK stamps since 2005. Now also proud member of the KSS “North Korea Specialist Collectors” and responsible for the KSS New Releases DPRK.

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