Korean paquebot covers (1954) Part III: The captains and the Busan fires


This is the final installment of a series of articles which started with a text from Talbert B. Fowler from August 1954 as Part I and some background information to an activity started by Milbury named the Sea-Jug Post as Part II. In this part we look at Busan during the Korean War and learn some more about captains Kirby and Milbury.

Liberty ships in Busan harbour

Captains Kirby and Milbury were working on ships such as the Irenestar and the Brightstar. Here is one example of a cover sent from the Brightstar. Notice that the ship is listed as “U.S.M.M.”, or US Merchant Marine.

Cover probably produced by Milbury because the address is the “Sea Jug Post”, which he ran.

These ships worked the routes near/to Korea very often, especially during the Korean War when a lot of supplies were needed to keep the war effort going.

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1950s and 1960s articles on paquebot covers
In the early years of the KSS several members were active paquebot collectors. In fact, some were not just active as collectors but also as “creators” of paquebot covers. Captains Kirby and Milbury are amongst those people who actively made sure paquebot covers from Korea (with for instance Busan and Incheon cancellations) were created. Their activities and the accompanying covers were then written about by other KSS members. Some of that information is republished here in a short series of articles.
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