Two Examples of the Often Faked Cancellations of the First Two Korean Stamps of 1884

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Normally mint stamps are worth more than used stamps. One notable exception to this philatelic rule is the often faked cancellations of Korea’s first two stamps issued in 1884, the 5 and 10 mun values. As these two stamps were used for just a few days because of a riot/revolution that burned down the Korean Post Office, genuinely used copies are extremely rare and valuable. This article discusses two typical  faked cancellations.

The loose 10 mun shows a coin or token strike. It was a privately applied non-postal mark as a fake cancel and has no value. This fake cancel has been already treated in KP and is shown in Dr. Kerr’s Empire book.

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Fake cancellations on covers or individual stamps
The KSS website has a lot of information on fakes and forgeries. The cover and stamp shown in this article are from Robert Finder’s collection. If you have such materials please contact us. The more of these fakes we can show, the better, as these materials are still being offered to starting collectors. Generally speaking these items are only interesting from a historical point of view, their monetary value is nil.
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