Christian Literature Society correspondence illustrates different surface mail cachets

South Korea

A series of covers, recently offered for sale on Ebay, show another interesting piece of Korean missionary history. The Christian Literature Society of Korea (대한 기독교 서회) was and is a major publisher and bookseller in Korea, and dates back to the earliest years of Protestant Christian missions. It is an ecumenical organisation as is its sister organisation, the Bible Society of Korea (대한성서공회). CLSK set up a bookstore (종로서적) which sells Bibles, hymnals, religious materials of all sorts as well as being – until the rise of Kyobo – the largest bookstore in Korea. There was a reorganisation of the bookstore around 2010.

Simple cachet stating SEA MAIL (unknown date).

The sender, Chough Sun-Ch’eol, was around the time the covers were send an active member of the Christian Literature Society of Korea. Eventually he became General Secretary of this society.

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