Korean forgeries (IV): 50 Mon unissued (1884)

Old Korea

The fourth stamp in this series is the 50 Mon. As with the 25 Mon stamp, this green stamp was never issued and therefore any stamp claiming to be used has a fake cancellation. The stamp is designated Scott #4 and Minkus #N4. The stamps were produced in 1884. Black and white images are from Brady-Tyler and colour images are from MikeG Canada (Stampboards) and other sources.

Above: block of four genuine stamps.

The Catalog Value as shown by Stampworld is 12 Euro for Mint. No Watermark and perforated 8½ to 10.

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Series on forgeries and fakes
This concludes the fourth installment in this series on Korean fakes and forgeries. All parts (plus other articles on forgeries) can be found through following the link for the tag “Fakes and forgeries”.
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