Korean Souvenir Books and Reprints issues of 1903-1906 (Part II: Reprints)

Old Korea Stamp Folders

The Scott catalogue states that most of the high value Scott numbers 52-54 reprints, the 50 ch, 1 won, and 2 won, with thin, semi-transparent paper, perforation 12 ½, that are in collectors’ collections and on the market today, come from the early souvenir books. Scott values 52-4 at $400, $600, and $875, respectively; but in italics, which means there is not a good record of sales. See Figure 7 for examples of these reprints, perforated 12½ by the Korean government, compared to the earlier printed issues Scott 31-3, perforation 11. These reprints can also be easily identified by the semi-transparent paper and the colour is also not as white as the first issues. See Figure 8 for an example of these reprints in a souvenir book.

Figure 7: Plum Blossom High Values First Printing, Perforation 11; Plum Blossom High Values Reprints, Semi-Transparent Paper Perforation 12½.

The Korean Postage Stamp Catalogue (KPSC) gives the high value reprints the numbers R2-4, and values them mint at 800,000 won ($710), 1,400,000 won ($1240) and 2,000,000 won ($1775), respectively. The first printing of these high value stamps with perforation 11, Scott 31-33 are valued at higher amounts than the reprints, in mint condition, at $550, $1,1000 and $1,100, respectively. Similarly, the KPSC numbers 24-26, values the first issues, perforation 11, higher than the reprints. The KPSC values mint 24-26 at 1, 200,000 won ($1065), 2,700,000 won ($2400) and 4,000,000 won ($3550), respectively.

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