“Missent to Korea” instead of paquebot from Korea


Recently I bought a cover on Ebay with a “Missent from Korea” cachet on it. Since the addressee on the envelope, Gustav Lund, was a very well-known paquebot cover collector it was immediately obvious to me that this was supposed to have been a paquebot cover. But there was no paquebot cachet on the cover. What had happened to this cover which caused this completely different cachet of “Missent to Korea” to be applied?

When in doubt reach out to the specialist. In this case that would be Mike Dovey, the co-author of the paquebot cancellations catalogue. Here is his answer about what might have happened:

Cover with “MISSENT TO KOREA” cachet.
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This sounded like a much more likely theory than the one I had originally. I didn’t know about the “Missent to Korea” cachet being Korean, I thought it was American. If anyone has other examples of such cachets please contact us or leave a comment below.

Ivo Spanjersberg
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