Varieties of 1955 Navy stamp


As I write these words (in 1956), Lt. Lee Chang Sung is leaving our shores for his native Korea after four months or so in our country, first at Great Lakes Ills., and the most of 8 weeks at San Diego. He has been a great help to us these past three months. Translating, explaining and advising on all things Korean.

KPSC165 / Scott225 (1955). The variety with theshown asis shown in the red circle.

He also has promised to complete and send us a few articles from his home at Chinhae during his summer vacation when he will have the time to work on them. A remarkable lad and we wish him a safe and happy journey homeward.

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4 thoughts on “Varieties of 1955 Navy stamp

  1. I would have a question,regarding the Korean Navy stamp Sc.225,issued 1955.
    I own one stamp,what shows an “damaged” letter of the inscription.
    I would like to know wether this is a known plate damage,or just accidential flaw.
    However for a meaningful request,I would have to ad scans of my stamp,explaining
    the variety.
    How can I do that ? (adding scans)

    1. Hi Werner, you can upload images by going to your own member page which can be found under “About the KSS”–> “KSS Member Pages” –> “Activity”. That’s the so-called “Activity Stream”. There you can upload graphics and leave text about such graphics.

      It is always a good idea to have a look at the Activity Stream, as members leave all sorts of graphics and messages there which are not particular to any specific article.

      1. Hallo Ivo,
        thank you for your reply !
        I feel somewhat like an idiot,but after an hourlong trying,I still could not find the
        “About the KSS” in the first place.
        Please let me know how to get there.

  2. Hi Werner,
    The “About the KSS” is in the blue menu, see here in this screenshot:

    And next scroll down through the options in the part of the menu to get to the Activities:

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