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Yes, Mr. Zip has come to Korea. After starting out in 1959 in Great Britain, according to an announcement of the Korean Philatelic Center, he began working in Korea on July 1, 1970. Postal reform has been recognized as a need by many countries, a reform which is concerned primarily with reducing costs and improving delivery. Automation for the processing of mail is one of the means used for obtaining improvement in the functioning of postal systems.

From its start in 1959 this trend for automation has spread through Europe, and has reached the United States where we know it familiarly as the sip-code. Canada shall soon adopt it, modelling it after that of Great Britain. In Japan, the postal-code system went into effect on July 1, 1968, and annually thus far Japan has noted this event by the issuance of stamps to serve as publicity and to gain acceptance of the system by the general public. In Japan the symbol of the system is Te-bo, or Mr. “Te”. In the United States, we know it as Mr. “Zip”.

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