Reader’s Question: Was this a common type of advertising card at the time?


Recently I bought at a Dutch stamp fair, Winterstamps, this item. It is not particularly valuable, but it did peak my interest because I had not seen this type of item before. Nowadays the Korea Stamp Corporation, the official state run North Korean stamp issuing organization, issues rather small new stamp issue leaflets/brochures.

Front and back of brochure. Scanners can’t pick up “golden” letters too well, but the black “KOREAN STAMPS” text is nicely done in gold.

These new stamp issue brochures used to be much larger and were printed for some time on quite luxurious paper. But even more interesting is the item here. Not only is it printed quite well, it even comes with faux gold colour letters (“KOREAN STAMPS” on front). But the really interesting thing is the free stamp sheet inside.

Inside of the brochure, left hand page visible. Notice the piece of paper between the pages, to separate the black ink on this page from the sheetlet on the other page.
Inside, right hand page. The sheetlet is almost loose on the page, it is only stuck at the top of the sheetlet to the page. The sheetlet is without gum, , yet there is no noticeable “bump” at the top from glue.

Who knows more about this particular item? And were there more issued at the time? Do you have examples of other issues being put into such a card and given away? Please leave your comment below or contact us through the KSS contact form if you have more information.

Ivo Spanjersberg
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5 thoughts on “Reader’s Question: Was this a common type of advertising card at the time?

  1. I would like to know if the S/S was affixed to the folder or was printed on it?
    This is not a typical new stamp issue leaflets/brochures.
    It is more like a promotion (propaganda)folder. KSC issued many different types of stamp folders later and KSC listed some of them as ” gift folder” in KSC.

    1. The stamp sheet is the real sheet I think. I don’t have another source for comparison but this seems to be the real thing. It doesn’t have gum, it is attached like this to the card board cover:

      1. Hi Miloš, these are worth a few euros a piece. I bought this example for 5 EUR, which I think was perhaps a bit too high, but I wanted to have it so I could ask this question. They were given away for free at the time, these are essentially advertisements.

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