Selling stamps the K-pop way!

My Own Stamp

Korean girl-bands (and boy-bands) are very popular in East Asia. So popular that pretty much anything with one of these bands on them will sell. However, one wonders whether these publicity examples from KoreaPost actually helped selling more “My Own Stamps” stamps.

Sales of stamp sheets made through the My Own Stamps (나만의 우표) option have the tendency to go up and down. So in order to make the sales go up KoreaPost occasionally comes up with some kind of gimmick or trick. This one was a campaign in 2017 showing a K-pop girl band by the name of Dal Shabet:

It is not known how well this worked for KoreaPost, no sales numbers were released. The band itself doesn’t seem to be very active. After reaching some good sales positions in 2011-2016, even managing to get to number 18 in the World Digital Song Sales chart (produced by Billboard) by the end of January 2016, these days the band seems to have run out of steam. Whether that was caused by these stamp sheets is up for debate…


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