The South Korean Stamp Scene (Part 1)


What follows is an update on my article of 1996 about the investment potential of South Korean stamps. In 1972 (when stamps were touted as investments) Linn’s Weekly Stamp News began it’s “Investment Suggestions” which is now called the “Tip of the Week”. In about 1980 Linn’s began a “Trends of Stamp Values” which purported to be the “retail” values of stamps.

Linn’s stopped their “Trends” in October, 2000 and the last “Trends” for South Korean stamps was Nov. 1, 1999. I used the Scott catalogs from then on which gave a relative value of the stamps. The Scott values shown are from the 2008, 2018, 2019 and 2020 editions. (Values are in US$ and all stamps are Mint-Never Hinged. Ex 92a.)

SCOTT # 61-6

TIPPED: Jan. 3, 2011

SCOTT # 80-4

TIPPED: Mar. 12, 1990 and Apr. 29, 1991


Note: the original article by Stewart Steres titled “How well have Linn’s tips done compared with their trends?” was published in Korean Philately Vol. XLII No. 4 (November 1996). This issue of KP and all other issues can be downloaded for free by KSS members from the Korean Philately download pages, for instance from the Vol. 41 – Vol. 44 pages. Not a member yet? You can join today for free and have access to all our resources!


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