2018 Winter Olympics PyeongChang: two years ago

South Korea

Held between 9 and 25 February 2018 in Pyeongchang County, the 2018 Winter Olympics were a triumph for (South) Korea in two ways. Not only did it show a very modern and well-organized Korea, an image completely different from just one generation ago when Korea was still one of the poorest countries in the world, but it was also quite a triumph when it came to the number of medals won by Korea. Korea ended up number 7 overall with 5 gold, 8 silver and 4 bronze medals.

KoreaPost was of course very eager to issue stamps for the Olympics. Stamps need publicity and here are the KoreaPost publicity materials from the 2018 stamps showing the Korean winners:

The Olympics also had to be opened of course. And for this occasion stamps were issued in February 2018:

And a cute way to include a stamp in a drawing:

The original stamp release was listed in May 2018.

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