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Because of the corona virus doing the rounds the Korean Stamp Museum is, like so many other such institutes, closed at the moment. However, just a few days ago KoreaPost issued a link on its website to a complete virtual tour of the Korean Stamp Museum. When clicked one starts just outside the museum, underground, near the central post office.

The tour then goes through the entrance and the museum desk and then into the exhibition areas:

Exhibit showing the development of KoreaPost and its predecessors.

Moving through the area is done by clicking on the white buttons on the floor. The orange versions of the Stamp Museum logo are clickable too, they show more information (in Korean and English) about parts of the exhibition.

Next the virtual tour shows all other areas of the museum, here are two of such areas:

Notice the white dot in the middle of the screenshot. This is used for navigation through the areas. Looking around within an area is done by clicking around with the mouse in the picture.
Clicking an orange icon reveals Korean/English text.

The post blog also showed some pictures of the museum being prepared for a future re-opening:

Disinfecting the museum.
More disinfection going on.
Stickers on the floor showing distances, so people can keep proper distance from each other.
Other distancing has to be done for areas where people can sit, such as on this bench.
Masks have to be worn inside the museum.

Earlier on, in 2019, the museum posted photos of the museum. Here are those photos to get an idea of the museum:

The central post office building in Seoul. The museum is located inside this building.
To go to the Stamp Museum just follow the signs, the museum is located in the basement of the building.
President Roosevelt’s stamp collecting activities are remembered in the museum.
Post boxes of the world. Some of these also featured on stamps in the last few years.
Collection of (South) Korean stamps. Imagine having the space for such large sized album pages
Part of the exhibition area.
Exhibit on “Postal Service History”.

Let’s hope things will get back to “normal” soon, so we can all enjoy visiting museums such as the Korean Stamp Museum again. I have been there myself, it is worth the visit when in Seoul. And as a bonus to visiting the museum: in the same underground area almost a dozen stamp shops can be found! Great to stock up for your Korean stamp collection.

Ivo Spanjersberg
Currently KSS Publisher/Webmaster, previously KSS Chairman (2018-2019). Living in Amsterdam. I collect Korean revenue stamps, see my website:

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