A Beautiful Cover. A Striking Cover. A Cover of Extreme Importance!

Old Korea

I had the unique opportunity to review prior to its publication the article by Dr. Joel Lee. It is not only a beautiful cover. This Empire Korea cover is a striking example of the postal history of Korea and it is a cover of extreme importance. To the casual observer, not familiar with Empire Korea material, postal history, Empire covers and their extreme rarity compared to other countries, this cover would simply appear to be 14 stamps plastered to an envelope; a philatelically contrived cover created for a stamp collector. The cover, at the time it was created, may have been just that, but today it represents much more, and here’s why: it is a “postal history time clock.

The cover represents all the stamps available at one postal clerk’s window in the post office at Chemulpo (Inchon) on a single day, December 6, 1902. And the cover tells a story… an important story… if you collect and/or specialize in Empire Korea. So, stop and take a very close look at what this cover represents.

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2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Cover. A Striking Cover. A Cover of Extreme Importance!

  1. Thanks, Bob!
    I’ve been thinking about this cover ever since I wrote the article and the 50ch (Sc# 31) 1900 Plum Blossom Issue is even RARER than the Emperor’s Crown Issue (Sc#34) on cover. Sometimes, you can’t see the “forrest from the trees.” Unfortunately, the 50ch (Sc# 31) 1900 Plum Blossom is overwhelmed and goes unnoticed…which was my fault. I apologize to the KSS readers and Dr. Joel Lee for this.

    To everyone, stay healthy and safe!


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