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(News from 조선우표사 / Korea Stamp Corporation) On 11 July 2020 the Korea Stamp Corporation issued a stamp series titled “Fish Farming”. The term means according to the KSC: “Fish farming includes artificial incubation of good fish species and breeding fry by industrial methods.”

According to the KSC “Our country has favourable conditions for fish farming as it has many rivers, lakes, streams and hot springs.”


The stamps designs are:

  • 30 won stamp: Clarias gariepinus
  • 30 won stamp: Salmo irideus
  • 30 won stamp: Siniperca scherzeri
  • 30 won stamp: Acipenser ruthenus
KSC5254-5257 Stamps


The new issue leaflet also shows this possible configuration:

KSC5254-5257 “Sheetlet”


The accompanying FDC for the series:

FDC Fp5254-5257

Technical details

1. Stamps (4 values)
Date of Issue: July 11 Juche 109 (2020)
Stock No.: 5254-5257
Size: 45 x 33 mm
Denomination: 30 won x 4
Designer: Kim Hae Yong
Printing: Offset, Emboss
Sheet Composition: 2 x 4
Quantity: 4/20 000 (Perf.), 4/2 000 (Imperf.)
2. FDC
Size: 162 x 114 mm
Designer: Ri Kuk Jin
Quantity: 500

Stamp leaflet

The new issue stamp leaflet for this issue was also released:

New issue leaflet (front) for KSC5254-5257
New issue leaflet (back) for KSC5254-5257

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