More About Dr. Hall’s Stamp Collecting And Missionaries in Korea

Old Korea Seals

It is encouraging that we are receiving so much new information from members of the Korea Stamp Society (KSS) and readers of the KSS website. In particular, I have been amazed at all the new information we have been receiving about Dr. Hall and other missionaries in Korea prior to WWII. This article is an attempt to tie some of this information together, including a number of new images of philately related material that have been submitted to the KSS.

Fig. 1: Colored cover mailed to Dr. Hall in Korea from the USA ACE #14, submitted by Mr. DiFranco.

We had already known that Dr. Sherwood Hall, a Methodist missionary doctor fighting Tuberculosis (TB) in Korea during the early part of the 1900’s before WWII, who had started up the Korean TB/Christmas and New Year seal program in 1932, was a keen stamp collector. We discussed this in the article posted on the KSS website “Dr. Hall was a stamp collector too”.

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