1925 cover with company seal

Old Korea Seals

This cover, franked with a Japanese 3-sen definitive (Scott 131) tied with a comb-style cancellation KEIJO/14.7.16 (July 16, Taisho 14 (1925))/6-9 p.m., was sent to Mr. TAKEDA Chobei and Co. in Osaka, Japan, from the Keijo (Seoul) Branch (”京城支店” in rear lower center) of FUJISAWA Tomokichi (“藤澤友吉”), a precursor store of Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd. Mr. Fujisawa, the founder and then-president, lived from 1866 to 1932. The business was to be incorporated in 1930 as Fujisawa Tomokichi Co, Ltd.

The lower left corner of the cover also shows the addresses of its Osaka headquarters (Higashi Ward, Osaka-city; “大阪市東区”) and Tokyo branch (Nihombashi Ward, Tokyo; “東京日本橋区”). Its trades are identified on the envelope as pharmaceutical export/import (“薬品輸出入”) and chemical pharmaceutical (“化学製薬業”).

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Kenji Nakano
Collecting postal markings in Korea, especially those at Japanese offices in 1876-1945. Residing in New York.

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