Korean National Tuberculosis (TB) Association Presentation Booklet 2014


Recently I joined the Christmas Seal & Charity Stamp Society, and as a result a fellow Aussie, Mr. Ivan Krell, who collects Christmas seals, contacted me to see if we could exchange any Christmas seals.  He wasn’t aware of our Korea Stamp Society, so now he has access to some more detailed information about Korean TB seals.

I normally do not collect Korean TB seals after 1972, but I am interested in items that the Korean National Tuberculosis Association (KNTA; Kor. 대한결핵협회) issues with images of the older TB seals. Mr. Krell has an item that was unknown to me and is very interesting. He has been sent, what I would call a presentation book in 2014, that must have been commemorating the 60th anniversary of the founding of the association. See images of the cover of the book and some pages inside the book.

Cover and introduction page.
Some examples of KNTA activities over the years. Notice the horse & cart in the earliest picture, this is what the KNTA had to do at the time to search for TB in the country side!
Another example page. Thanks to the work of the KNTA the problem of TB in Korea is now greatly diminished. Therefore the KNTA is nowadays actively working all over the world to eradicate the scourge that is TB. The sheet of Christmas seals on the right hand page was sold for/from Christmas 2013. It commemorates 50 years of the KNTA.

What I found very intriguing were two souvenir sheets that are enclosed within the booklet. One was a sheet of 25 of the reprint of the first issued seal in 1932. The first real reprint was in 1936 commemorating the 5 year anniversary of the first Korean TB/Christmas and New Year seal. This 1932/1936 reprint souvenir of 2014 looks very much like the actual sheet, with slightly different wording at the bottom of the sheet.

The 2014 reprint by the KNTA of the 1936 reprint of the 1932 Christmas seals.

The second souvenir sheet is a sheet of 25 of the first TB seal issued by the KNTA in 1953. But this reprint cannot be confused with a real sheet of the 1953 sheet, as that has 180 seals in an 18 x 10 configuration.

The 2014 KNTA reprint of 1953 seals.
Example of a complete 1953 sheet, in this particular case from plate A. There was also a plate B. These stamps were the very first Christmas seals produced by the KNTA, so effectively the KNTA reproduced its own 1953 seals in the 2014 sheet.

I look like to have one of these presentation books in my collection, and if anyone has any additional information about this book, please contact the KSS.

Thanks again to Mr. Krell and the Christmas Seal & Stamp Society for giving me some new information.


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