Custodian Force, India in Korea 1953-1954

South Korea

This cover illustrates the use of stamps overprinted for the Custodian Force, India (CFI). This was a deployment of Indian forces, including the 60th Parachute Field Ambulance unit (which had been in Korea from November 1950) to oversee the repatriation of POWs after the armistice. The CFI was in Korea from late September 1953 until mid February 1954.

Rhee’s government was so incensed by their appointment, that he refused to allow them to put a foot on South Korean soil. This meant that on arrival from India at Incheon, the US had to arrange to transport the whole group to Panmunjom, by helicopter. Rhee was convinced that the Indian government was too pro-Communist.

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Anthony Bard
I collect North and South Korean Postal History from 1945, focusing on the Korean War and the countries involved in the conflict and post-Armistice commissions. I live in London.

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