KSC5291-5294: Natural History Museum

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(News from 조선우표사 / Korea Stamp Corporation) On 12 November 2020 the Korea Stamp Corporation issued a series of stamps and maxicards showing the Natural History Museum and several prehistoric animals.


The stamps were issued to show:

  • 30 won stamp: Natural History Museum
  • 50 won stamp: Tyrannosaurus
  • 70 won stamp: Temnodontosaurus
  • 90 won stamp: Quetzalcoatlus
Stamps KSC5291-5294


The accompanying FDC for the series:

FDC Fp5291-5294


A set of maxicards was also created for this series:

Maxicards Mx409-Mx412

Technical details

1. Stamps (4 values)
Date of Issue: November 12 Juche 109 (2020)
Stock No.: 5291 - 5294
Size: 65 x 45 mm
Denomination: 30 won, 50 won, 70 won, 90 won
Designer: Kim Nam Su
Printing: Offset
Sheet Composition: 18
Quantity: 4/30 000 (Perf.), 4/2 000 (Imperf.)
2. FDC
Size: 176 x 125 mm
Designer: Kim Nam Su
Quantity: 500
3. Maxicards (4 values)
Stock No.: 409 - 412
Size: 148 x 105 mm
Denomination: 30 won, 50 won, 70 won, 90 won
Designer: Kim Nam Su
Quantity: 4/500

Stamp leaflet

The new issue stamp leaflet for this issue was also released:

New issue leaflet (front) for KSC5291-5294
New issue leaflet (reverse) for KSC5291-5294

All images in page copyright: 조선우표사 / Korea Stamp Corporation.

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2 thoughts on “KSC5291-5294: Natural History Museum

  1. Hello
    Do you know how I can order the set of dinosaur stamps issued by DPRK: KSC5291-5294: Natural History Museum?
    I would like to order the set of stamps, first day cover, maxicards and leaflet.
    Any help would be wonderful
    thank you

    1. Hi Jon, there are several ways of obtaining North Korean stamps. One way is to order directly through the official website of the Korea Stamp Corporation, at http://www.korstamp.com.kp/. However, at the moment the North Korean borders are closed, stamps are next to impossible to get. The other option is to look for them on auction websites such as Ebay and Delcampe. But these stamps were issued after the border was closed, so that could be difficult as well. Once the border opens these stamps will very probably be available again.

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