The original Korean album pages

Stamp albums

In the last few issues of KP and on the KSS website we have shown examples of album pages made and/or used by KSS members. Here we show the original KSS album pages, the pages as produced and for years marketed in Korean Philately by our long-time member David Phillips.

The scans may not at the best possible quality, but these images are important for KSS history and therefore we have decided to include them here.

Page with both genuine and fake stamps from 1897. See Barry Abbott’s series for more information on fake early Korean stamps.
Another page with examples of stamps from the same era.

Notice the price for these pages in a November 1970 advertisement!

From KP Vol. XIX No. 4 (November 1970)

And see this stamp for what might have been the inspiration for the building (which is the 경회루 / Gyeonghoeru inside the 경복궁 / Gyeongbokgung) on the album pages:

Stamp KPSC 243 / Scott C26 with 400 hwan value, from 1961 airmail series KPSC 240-243 / Scott C23-C26 
KSS Korea Philately Editor
One of the earliest positions of the KSS. The position of editor of KP is, and has always been, the mainstay of the KSS.

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