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(News from 조선우표사 / Korea Stamp Corporation) On 20 January 2021 the Korea Stamp Corporation issued a set of stamps showing plants. The plants on the stamps, such as the Osmunda japonica and the Helianthus annuus, are all indigenous to the Korean peninsula. The set of four stamps come in the same value, 50 (DPRK) won each, and are available in a sheet with all the stamps 3 times. Interestingly the stamps all come with a seal next to it, which introduce (in Korean text only) the plant on the actual stamp. All stamps are also available as a stamp booklet and an entire was produced for this series as well.

The stamp as issued are:

  • 50 won stamp: Miscanthus sinensis
    As a perennial plant belonging to Gramineae family, it grows at foothills and in valleys of our country. It is good for adorning the verge of green areas. Its stems can be used as raw materials for making paper.
  • 50 won stamp: Osmunda japonica
    It is a perennial plant belonging to Osmundaceae family and grows well on shady and wet acid area except the northern highlands of the Korean peninsula. As an edible and medicinal plant, its leaves and stems are good to eat in early spring and roots and stems can be used as Koryo medicine.
  • 50 won stamp: Aronia melanocarpa
    As a broad-leaved deciduous shrub which belongs to apple tree family, its original home is North America. Some European countries are engaged in cultivating it and our country started since 1985. Its fruit is efficacious for prevention of heart disease and hypertension. It also serves as an ornamental plant in gardens and grounds for its good-looking autumnal tints and fruits.
  • 50 won stamp: Helianthus annuus
    It is an annual plant belonging to Compositae family. It is known as a good oil-bearing crop and ornamental plant. It is widely used as raw materials in producing foodstuffs and medicines. It also serves as a bee-keeping plant.
Stamps KSC5316-5319

The sheet composition is as follows:

Sheet composition for KSC5316-5319

Stamp booklet

A stamp booklet containing all the stamps was issued for this series:

Stamp booklet Bt 238 (front)
Stamp booklet Bt 238 (inside)


An entire, showing one of the stamps, was issued with in this series:

Entire En431


The FDC for this series:

FDC Fp5316-5319

Technical details

1. Stamps
Date of Issue: January 20 Juche 110 (2021)
Stock No.: 5316-5319
Size: 43 x 30mm
Denomination: 50 won x 4
Designer: Kim Hae Yong
Printing: Offset
Sheet Composition: 12(3x4)
Quantity: 4/10 000(Perf.),
4/2 000(Imperf)
2. FDC
Size: 176 x 125 mm
Designer: Kim Hae Yong
Quantity: 500
3. Entire
Stock No.: En431
Size: 162 x 114mm
Designer: Kim Hae Yong
Quantity: 500
4. Stamp Booklet
Stock No.: Bt238
Size: 83 x 96mm
Designer: Kim Hae Yong
Quantity: 500

Stamp leaflet

The new issue stamp leaflet for this issue was also released:

New issue leaflet (page 1) for KSC5316-5319
New issue leaflet (page 2) for KSC5316-5319
New issue leaflet (page 3) for KSC5316-5319
New issue leaflet (page 4) for KSC5316-5319
New issue leaflet (page 5) for KSC5316-5319

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