Japan Playing with Korea

Old Korea

Recently I purchased a postcard showing a Japanese woman throwing images of the first Korean stamps into the air and it intrigued me what this postcard represented. Does any reader know the story behind this postcard? Is it a propaganda anti-Japanese postcard? Where there any other types of these postcards printed?

With the help of Ivo Spanjersberg, we do know the following shown on this postcards. The images show a postcard printed in Germany in the early 1900’s: PHILATELISTISCHE KÜNSTLER-POSTKARTE No 4. Verlag von Feodor Reinboth, Leipzig (Translation: Philatelic Art Postcard no. 4 Published by Feodor Reinboth, Leipzig)

Fig. 1: Front of card with German texts.

The text reads: JAPAN MIT COREA SPIELEND. (Translation: Japan playing with Korea)

The printing reads: Druck von Louis Glaser, Leipzig. (Translation: Printed by Louis Glaser, Leipzig.)

Fig. 2: Reverse of card.

Please let us know any information that you may have about this postcard.


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