Beautiful Korean Silk/Wood Christmas Card from the late 1920’s

Old Korea

Recently I was attracted to a “wood” Korean Christmas Card mailed from Korea to Florida, USA in the late 1920’s. I had never seen one like this before and bought it. When I received it, I was pleasantly surprised how beautiful it was, when I actually saw the card itself. The wooden card has a silk-like sheen and is very attractive. Unfortunately, the true beauty of it does not show up in the scans for the images.

Since I had never seen one of these wooden cards before, I reached out to two of our members, Florian Eichhorn and Ivo Spanjersberg to ask if they had seen these wooden cards before, or had any information about them. It was difficult to read the date of the postmark. But I could see that it was sent by Ruth Diggs, from the Woman’s Bible Training School to whom it seems to be “Miss Elizath Cureton(?)” in Tallahassee, Florida.

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