Stop the Presses! A New Cover with Hall’s Korea 1940 Unissued Seal has been discovered


This author has been very fortunate to have discovered a new cover with Dr. Sherwood Hall’s Korea 1940 unissued Tuberculosis/Christmas and New Year Seal. It had been listed on eBay and I was very lucky to obtain it by auction. The last update on this 1940 Korea seal was discussed in the article on the Korean Stamp Society’s website on October 3, 2020. At that time the total number of known seals was 55 seals, including 5 on cover. This new find brings the total number of the Korea unissued 1940 seals at 56, with 6 known seals on cover.

The newly found cover was sent from Korea to Canada on December 15, 1940 with the three-star postmark of 15.12.6. This type of postmark was used for about 20 months on foreign mail from Korea during the period of May 1940 to December 21, 1941, when international mail was suspended from Korea.

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