Another Chollima Stamp Was Just “Under our Noses”


Collectors of North Korea (DPKR) should have noticed that there is another Chollima stamp that was issued for the 2020 New Year (Stamp KSC5232, 10 won, “Under the uplifted banner of self-reliance”). It was already shown in the article issued on the KSS website on January 1, 2020. It was issued with both perforated and imperforated sheets of 20 (5 x 4).

Shown are a complete sheet (perforated version) and singles of the perforated and imperforated stamps:

Fig. 1: perforated and unperforated versions of the 2020 Chollima stamp.
Fig. 2: complete (perforated) sheet of Chollima stamps.

More examples of Chollima stamps can be found here and here on the KSS website.


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